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Used in the one wall alleys and also suitable for beginners. Looks similar to the Challenger 1. Big and Soft.

From: €24.95

Challenger Eyeguards.  With comfortable cushion to protect the eye.  One size fits all.

From: €12.95

It is the Official Ball for Youths (13-16Years) and Ladies 40×20 Championships.

From: €8.49

Also Known As: Semi Solid Half Solid

From: €44.95

Also Kown As: Kids No.3

From: €15.50

For intermediate beginners and kids from ages 9-12. Smaller & slightly faster than No. 1

From: €10.50

Kids No.1

From: €10.50

The Worlds No.1 Ball.

The 21 International offers increased pace and durability.

From: €6.95