There are three main codes of handball. They are dictated by the size of the Court used.

The most popular game is the 40×20 Game or “International” Game. This game is played by 2 (Singles) or 4 (Doubles) people. Men use the International 40×20 Ball. While the Women use the “Dark Blue” version of this ball.

The second most popular game is the 60×30 Game, which is the Irish national game. It is played with the 60×30 Ball, sometimes known as the Half Solid or the Alley Cracker.

Next is the One Wall Ball. As the name suggests it is played against one wall and the court is marked out with chalk or lines. It has become a very popular game in the last year with promotion of the game.

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Kids No.1

From: €10.50

For intermediate beginners and kids from ages 9-12. Smaller & slightly faster than No. 1

From: €10.50

The Worlds No.1 Ball.

The 21 International offers increased pace and durability.

From: €6.95

Also Kown As: Kids No.3

From: €15.50

Also Known As: Semi Solid Half Solid

From: €44.95

It is the Official Ball for Youths (13-16Years) and Ladies 40×20 Championships.

From: €8.49

Challenger Eyeguards.  With comfortable cushion to protect the eye.  One size fits all.

From: €12.95

Used in the one wall alleys and also suitable for beginners. Looks similar to the Challenger 1. Big and Soft.

From: €24.95


From: €39.95